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December, 2015

Daily Dish

The Shirt x2

By On December 31, 2015

Hey Y’all ! Here is the second post on this tie shirt with black piping detail on the sleeve. Hope you are enjoy! #besosTori        … Read More

Daily Dish

The Shirt

By On December 29, 2015

Hey Y’all! It all about the shirt. I will post two different ways I wore the shirt over the fall. Let’s see if this shirts pops up in the winter. #besosTori    … Read More

Daily Dish

Christmas Eve

By On December 27, 2015

Merry Christmas ! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday. On this day I went to church for the annual Christmas Eve service which over the past five years has been added… Read More

Daily Dish

Winter Inspiration 

By On December 23, 2015

Hey Y’all ! Check out these pics that inspire me to enjoy the winter season.#besosTori            … Read More

Daily Dish


By On December 14, 2015

Hey Y’all! Happy Monday! Break out your flare pants and pair them with anything from a blazer to sweater.#besosTori        … Read More

Daily Dish

All about the hat

By On December 12, 2015

Hey Y’all! I thought I would share my new hat with you. I got it from H/M and it has become a new favorite of mine. #besosTori            … Read More

Daily Dish

Soccer Mom

By On December 8, 2015

Hey Y’all! I have always been a lover of Addias. I even have a pair of shell toes that are over 20 years old. So I thought it would be fitting to… Read More

Daily Dish

Thanks Miya

By On December 6, 2015

On this day I wore my new jeans that my girl Miya helped me buy. I saw her in Cotton On and when I went into the dressing room she surprised me… Read More